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The Business Class News’ experience in telling business stories has now taken a new direction, with our unique iSite™ campaigns. We can take your core business messages and then place them proactively in front of your audience. These are the people that are decision makers and can help grow your revenue. Our revenue growth specialists can sit down with you and help design an intelligent sales development plan, which includes your Value Proposition with our partners at nFLXn Point Group. We identify prospect profiles and effective tactics to get in front of these prospects. The combination of strategy and marketing is the most effective way to grow your pipeline.

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At Business Class News, we always ask – “Why Do People Buy?”

The short answer is”Buyer Confidence” in your ability to deliver and execute a product or service.

This is going to sound more like a psychology lesson but we do need to get into the head of the buyer. We have talked about the sales cycle, the sales message consistency and ensuring you are in front of the buyer even when they are out of the”purchase window”

But let’s get a little deeper into why people buy products and services.

  1. They have a need, and have budget to purchase a solution for that need
  2. An unforeseen situation causes an immediate purchase
  3. An impulse purchase of a solution that appeals to the buyer at a particular time

So if you realize there are only 3 reasons why people buy, your sales approach need to map to those.

I have heard sales executives say “Go and SELL that prospect, they need our products”,well in some case that may be true but most it’s not, and finding prospects that are in the buying cycle takes time to develop.

Time is what a sales person needs most, and if time runs out we are usually in a place we don’t want to be.

So using your time wisely in your sales and marketing process is essential.

Go back to your “Perfect Customer Profile”, I spoke about that in my previous post and analyze where did they fit into the 3 categories above.

Buyers want to know that they are not the first customer you have, and they want to see results, in either the form of a case study or references.

Think about this, why are networking events and trade shows somewhat effective?   

Depending on the type of “in-person” events you attend, the audience in the room are there for a common theme, and if you establish your credibility in the room with your experience and knowledge you get more conversations.

How many times have you been at a conference where the Key Note speaker just captivated the audience, and at the end of the session there is a line of people wanting to talk to the speaker.

This is not coincidence, at some point in the Key Note, the speaker established his expertise and knowledge in his subject topic, and the audience saw a relevant synergy with their business.

Let’s use the typical format of how a keynote speaker plans his session:

  • Set the tone of thesession
  • Establish authorityon the topic
  • History
  • Experience
  • An Example
  • Subject mattercontent
  • Pain Point
  • Process
  • Solution
  • Audience Engagement
  • Workbook (If it’s aBreakout Session)
  • Questions aligned tothe topic
  • Feedback (Usuallypre-developed)
  • Outcomes

If your business can develop marketing strategies that align with the above you will do several things

  1. Buyers will pay attention to your messages
  2. Buyers will feel comfortable that you are experienced in your field of business
  3. Buyers will relate to the pain points you have solutions for
  4. Buyers will see you as a subject matter expert in your field
  5. Buyers will ask you questions
  6. Buyers are more likely to take a meeting

The sales and marketing process is not any different to the keynote speaker, and it doesn’t matter which purchasing  category your prospect is in, if you architect your message, show experience and showcase results for other customers, you will get the Buyers attention.

You can learn more about our insights into finding buyers, and other tips to get more revenue at